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Pickled beets
All the recipes listed here are to be found in the  main part of the blog.  All recipes, where they are directly from or have been adapted from ones in books are acknowledged accordingly.  There are one or two that are from recipes of other people but I have lost the source, in which case I also say so.  If there is no acknowledgement (its rare!), then it's from my head.  

Every recipe has been made with at least one thing from the patch (well in most cases anyway!).  If there are no home grown ingredients from the garden, it is not listed.

Recipes are listed several times in some cases to reflect the home grown ingredient used.


lamb kofte

BBQ Eggplant
Chinese spicy eggplant 
Eggplant curry
Roasted Eggplant with haloumi and pomegranate

Bean, fennel and tomato salad
Cabbage, fennel and chilli
Chicken, fennel and lemon dish
Fennel, potato and bacon fry up
Roasted fennel with cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic and olive oil  
Zucchini and fennel salad

Canadian Lemon cake
Chicken, fennel and lemon dish
Lamb kofte 
Lemon delicious
Lemon marmalade
Lemon, lime and mint cordial
Lemon tart
Moroccan lemon chicken
Roasted lemon chicken

strawberry jam

tomato chilli jam
San choi bao

Green salad
Rocket, parsley and pecarino salad

Snow peas
Chinese-style beef and celery

Spring onions
Cabbage, bacon and chilli stir fry
Chinese spicy eggplant
Kimchi pancakes
Spring onion, garlic and ginger sauce

Strawberry jam

Bean, fennel and tomato salad
Corn and tomato salad 
Roasted fennel with cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic and olive oil
Tomato chilli jam 
Tomato herb pasta 
Tomato herb pasta (2)
Canadian lemon cake

Char-grilled and marinated zucchini
Zucchini and apple cake
Zucchini carpaccio
Zucchini and chorizo fritatta
Zucchini and dill fritters with whipped feta
Zucchini and haloumi fritters
Zucchini and fennel salad
Zucchini and feta tart with cherry tomatoes
Zucchini pancakes with avocado and bacon
Zucchini trifolati


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