Friday, 15 June 2012

More bean feeds

  • big pile of snow peas
  • side shoots of broccoli
  • parsley
  • oregano
Not a particularly cold evening, but nonetheless a bean feed was in order. Tonight's bean feed  was a chickpea and chorizo dish. This one is adapted from a recipe which appeared in Gourmet Traveller April 1999 which had a Spanish theme. It is an absolute favourite.  I have put the recipe here as I now use it rather than as originally published.  It is such a favourite that I don't use the recipe any more, it's just in my head.

Chickpeas and chorizo with red capsicum (* from the garden)
2 red capsicum
1 large onion
4 cloves of garlic*
2 chorizo sliced
2 can chickpeas
1 can tomatoes
2 chillies*
half a teaspoon of  rocket fuel*
bay leaves*
smoked paprika
oregano* and parsley*

Cut capsicum into pieces and grill until skin is black, sweat in a plastic bag and remove skins. Cut into rough pieces.  In the meantime brown chorizo and once oil released cook onion and garlic. Drain chickpeas and add to pan with tinned tomatoes, chillies, rocket fuel, spices and bay leaves. Cook on a low heat until the flavours have melded. Serve with a sprinkle of oregano and parsley.


  1. I make a very similar dish - although I've never put saffron in it - I will have to add it next time. I do struggle to get decent chorizo though - any ideas?

    1. I agree, a good chorizo is a hard get. I can get ok ones in the Italian Green Grocer in Leichhardt (suburb of Sydney), but BY FAR the best ones I buy come from a market stall at the Everleigh Markets in Redfern - but I dont get there very often. I dont know the name of the producer but they do loads of great European smallgoods. Their chorizos are wonderfully smoky.When I make this dish with those chorizos this dish is extra special. Where do you get yours?



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