Thursday, 28 June 2012

Retro apron inspiration (3)

I love old aprons. They are are softened by years of use and come in wonderful prints of years gone by.

I have a couple of old ones that are real favourites, but I have also started to make new ones, inspired by the old ones and made with the exact same measurements.

Here is my latest new apron.

Its a lovely pink and black cotton fabric that I bought around 12 years ago.  There is something about the print that looks a little retro.

It's bound with black bias and has a pocket and waist band that is made from the patten on the edge of the fabric.

Here is the original old apron that has the softest of fabric. I like to think my new ones will give as much service and joy as this old beauty has.

I wonder how many meals my old apron has cooked, how many hands have been rubbed clean, how many faces it has wiped?

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  1. I love the fabric of your latest creation - really pretty. I love aprons but I actually almost never wear them - I should though as I suspect I'm actually one of the messiest cooks of all time...

    1. It's nice to get dirty in the kitchen and the garden.

  2. Great colours in your fabric....happy "doing" in your apron. x

    1. Thank you Bron. Pink is a funny colour, most of the shades I don't like but bright pinks, rasberry and dirty pinks I really love.



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