Sunday, 21 July 2013

My broad beans go bung

I think my broad beans are bung. I may need to translate here - in Australian English, bung means, 'stuffed', 'broken', 'had it', 'bad' or another 'b' word which is also a very Australian word for broken but which some find offensive.  It's a word I love except when it might apply to my vegetables!

What's wrong? Well my entire crop of broad beans are displaying curled leaves. (Please forget/forgive the weeds, it's a consequence of using sheep manure!)

At first I thought the rolled leaves a result of a little frost bite, but then today I took a closer look. Here is a close up - the underside of the leaves seem to have a texture to them.

 I cannot see any insect pest at all.

Anyone know what the story is here? Are my broad beans bung? Do I need to destroy them? Or will they produce? Should I plough them in as a green manure?

How are your broad beans? Are they bung or just fine?


  1. It's a virus - bean leaf curl. Aphids are the vector, then it can be in the seed. Chances are you won't get much off them - I would remove and destroy (feed to stock). Some varieties are more resistant apparently.

  2. I've had this too and I have been looking at various posts. There are no bugs that I can see on mine either. I suspect a virus as well but have now had the same problem on three different crops from three different seed vendors in three separate areas of the garden, we haven't used herbicide near them. I know it's possible the virus is present in the soil but I also read about how in the UK gardeners had problems with manure contaminated with aminopyralid
    If it's contaminated manure at least it will break down eventually. We bought bulk manure for the first time as we are undertaking major garden work and this is the first time I've encountered this problem. I'm taking precautions against it being a virus but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a non-persistent herbicide residue in the soil associated with manure instead.



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