Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cushions against the world

Sometimes you need to put something soft between yourself and the world. Sometimes, you need to find a cosy spot, make it comfy and relax, daydream, turn off.

Here is my spot.

All the cushions have been made by me -  none are spectacular by themselves but they all look great together. (Oh, I just realised!  The central cushion is not made by me. It is a crochet one that was given to me by a friend -  I love it.  One day I will sit down and make another one just like it in different colours!).

All the cushions have been made from found fabric from shops selling upholstery off-cuts mainly although one or two pieces from op shops.  I love the mix of fabrics and patterns yet the earthy tones unite them.

The fabric they all sit on is my grandmother's old bedspread.  I say old becasue she had had it for an age, but it is in perfect condition.

Some of the cushions I have had for a while, but some are new ones.  Here are some of the off-cuts pre-sewing. Not all have been used - yet!

Don't you love the yellow hexagon piece? It's a really small piece of fabric so I need to think how I use it.

The 'blackness on the right of the picture above is a love dense piece of dark, dark brown velvet.

Here are the three new cushions.

This is my contribution to My Creative Space for this week, see what others are doing and making.


  1. They look fabulous. I love a cushion! They look great and they are so useful as you can tuck yourself around them or them around you. Mine are looking a little saggy and tired. I don't make my own so it might be time to buy some new ones - just in time for a spring-clean.

    1. Or, if you still like the cushion , you could buy a new inner? They dont cost very much at all. Not sure how handy you are to a Spotlight? You can buy them very easily. Just take a measurement of your cushion to buy the right sized inner.

      Or, you could get new ones too!

  2. I do love the gold hexagon one - fab. I having been meaning to make some new cushions for months and have I managed to find the time? Err no. I have the inners but just nothing to put on them...yet....

    1. There is always more to do than time allows! I have man things on my to do list.

  3. Fabulous you can sit back watch the garden or blog from that cozy spot. They do look fabulous

    1. You have it in one. It is exactly what I do there. Also sometimes on very fortunate weekend days I get to have that special luxury - the afternoon nap.



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