Monday, 13 August 2012

Good things come in small parcels

Today a small parcel arrived.  Well it's not really a parcel - an envelope really. Feeling inside I knew what it was, a seed swap with Bek of Bek's Backyard.

A while ago, both blogged about our seed boxes - here and here -  and the seeds we had an excess of.

That resulted in a bit of a seed swap. I took an easy option sending whole packets - probably just passing the excess on... but Bek sent small samples of several things.

I had asked for some pumpkin and some 'mystery seeds', this is what Bek kindly packaged up.

Here are the pumpkin seeds -  three types:
  • Buttercup
  • Australian butter
  • Baby blue
I am very excited... really!  I have never grown pumpkin before and hope I do justice to them. I love the idea of storing them for lots of pumpkin-focused meals thru the cold part of the year.

And two types of eggplant -  Thai green and Prosperosa.  I think Bek has noticed my eggplant obsession.

I will have to look these ones up so I know what to expect.

And wait, there is more!

I also got a melon -  Tigger - I am guessing it is striped -  cute.

And a pepper called Tequila sunrise.

And wait, there's more!

Here is the real mystery - scorzonera.  I have certainly heard of it but never grown it, and not sure I have ever eaten it.  It has amazing long stick-like seeds. I am keen to give it a go.

Thanks so much Bek, a great surprise and mix of seeds. Next time I swap with someone I will do the same, make little packages like this instead of sending whole packets on. Your idea is much better!

It made me think, that seeds are like good things that come in small parcels.  All that amazing potential in tiny little packets of suspended life.  They are pretty amazing aren't they?


  1. I got a package from Bek today too - fun isn't it. Just getting a letter that isn't a bill is fun and when it has seeds in it well - it's fabulous. I too got some thai green eggplants. I think I might sow them on the weekend but then i worry its too early....

    1. Very good fun! We should do it annually. I sowed some eggplant last weekend... I might see how they go this week before I sow any new ones. We were back to 19c today so maybe its ok, but pacing oneself is also good.

  2. I'm glad you like them! I love the idea of an annual swap - perhaps seed swaps for the seed swamped? Or am I just a sucker for alliteration...

    1. Love it! I too am serially addicted to alliteration. I do love 'seed swap for the seed swamped'. I think we SHOULD make it an annual spring thing. Perhaps limited to Southern hemisphere otherwise we are out of sync. That way we might be able to satisfy each other's needs rather than purchasing. Purchasing is of course fun and inexpensive for seeds, but, if we can supply ourselves sometimes too that would be fun.

      Happy seed raising!

    2. Agreed! But Aussie swaps may need to be cautious between the eastern mainland states and WA and Tassie which have specific quarantine requirements on some seeds. But I'm sure we can work around those if others from those states want to get in on the action!



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