Friday, 25 January 2013

What Wallaby ate

Last night a Swamp Wallaby visited the garden. This morning I inspected what the Wallaby had for dinner. I was grateful for the Wallaby's grazing of the suckers that were thickly sprouting from the bottom of one of the crab apples. Thanks Swampy, you saved me quite a bit of pruning!

Swampy also had a nibble of beetroot leaves,

a munch of radish leaves,

and quite a bit of rocket. It seems that Wallabies also really like nasturtiums,

and new bean plants ( I didn't take photos of them because there was nothing much left to see!). Swamp Wallabies also really like the tender tips of blueberry plants,

and they really enjoy kurrajongs eating every leaf.

It's been so hot and dry, the landscape around is brown and crunchy, of course my green vegetable garden looked so delicious, I think I can share a little bit with the Swampy.

I am grateful that Swamp Wallabies generally graze by themselves. I hope word about my garden doesn't get out to the Eastern Greys who graze in mobs!

I wonder what the Swamp Wallaby will eat tonight? After sampling the garden, perhaps the Wallaby will settle on one thing? I am punting on the rocket. I had better pick lots today -  it might be the last opportunity to do so!


  1. Asparagus, nasturtiums, sweet potato vines, mint, pumpkins, all the lower leaves on citrus or avocado or mango trees, any they would eat everything in the fenced beds if they could get in. For about 20 years I got away with a big unfenced garden. There were too few wallabies and they were too shy. Now they come through the house to get into the garden if I leave the gate from the verandah to the garden open. And they must check it every night, because I only have to miss it once.

    1. Goodness me, brazen! There are quite a few Swampies here, we are right next to a National Park. I had been planning a fenced veggie patch for my permanent beds - these ones were quickly built initial ones just to get me going. Thanks for confirming that I need to get that fencing contractor in!

  2. You are having your challenges with the wildlife, aren't you? It says a lot about the sort of person you are for you not to be too cross about the unexpected pruning services.

    This morning I wandered out the back garden to find two (parent and its youngster, I think) king parrots munching on my tomatoberry fruit. Cheeky buggers! I walked up very close and they looked me in the eye and continued to take one bite out of as many tomatoes as they could - red, green, they didn't care. Hurrumph. I've netted the plants again, now.

    Lovin' your frogs, by the way!

  3. I love King parrots - that lime green flash on their wings! They have been taking the odd nibble of my crabs recently but only taking a few. Thankfully the frogs arent eating the veggies - just the mosquito wrigglers thankfully.

  4. Our swampy is getting very brazen - cheeky fella and is now eating through almost anything green - including a good ol munch in the orchard - (except the lavender, herbs and lemon tree in a pot), and coming very close to the house to get at the house garden. He's a morning grazer, and afternoon and night - when does he sleep? Goodbye lettuces, tomatoes and rosebushes, and all other green shoots ( pics above look might familiar!!) It is very hot and dry out there, and in 12 years we have never had one come so close so he must be desperate - but I am trying spraying the leaves of anything that is left with chilli, water and charlie carp mix and letting him eat our leftover lettuce and anything else. Worth a try - don't want to use chemicals or fences!



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