Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Eric and Leslie

Meet Eric and Leslie our new alpaca guardians.
L-R : Leslie and Eric
Eric and Leslie are named after two of our grandparents and join our chooky girls who have the names of great aunts Myra, Mavis, Myrtle and Muriel and of course Geranium the Dexter cow who was named before we got her.

For a while I had contemplated  Latin names for them.  Perhaps Pablo and Neruda after the poet? Perhaps Gabriel and Garcia after GG Marquez the author?  Perhaps Fidel and Castro after the Cuban leader?

Still as little wary of us, ears back!
Then I pondered on Kerry and James (Packer - get it? - perhaps a joke only really understandable for the Australian audience) but then I thought that I would instantly dislike the poor little furry things  and decided that being named after a media mogul and his gambling  mogul son was not a good idea.

In the end, as the alpacas were the only males in our herd, I gave the honour of naming to The Lad and a fine job he did too. So Eric and Leslie they are.

Eric with Muriel and Myrtle and a view to the temporary veggie beds
At first we thought the skinny Leslie to be the dominant lad, but then the other day I witnessed them eating the grain I had set out for them. Eric dominated the container and promptly spat (as alpacas do) at Leslie several times when he approached for a feed. Very unpleasant! Poor Leslie, he didn't get to eat any of the food.

When they are not spitting, they make a very pleasant humming sound.

Eric and Leslie will guard our mob of sheep (when we get them) from foxes and the rumoured wild dogs and hopefully keep our cow somewhat company in the paddock.

Welcome Lads!


  1. Is Eric older? Only he is so beardy (or is it just that he is following the beard culture that seems to be dominate at present)? I didn't realise Alpacas were such guard dogs. Thank heavens you stayed away from Kerry and James

    1. He does seem to have a furry face doesn't he? They are the same age but look quite different.

      Apparently they stomp on foxes and anything else that threatens baby alpacas and sheep.

  2. How gorgeous!

    So, two males. Not thinking of breeding, then?? :)

    1. No,no breeding alpacas for us. The wethers are supposed to be the best guardians....

  3. Yes Eric adn Leslie are much friendlier names than the tempting punning. I also have a grandfather named Leslie and he swore that "ie" spelling was the boys' way!?

    1. Oh you might be right on the spelling. Lesley/ Leslie was one of the lads grandfather's. I will have to check with the lad.

  4. A humming alpaca sounds lovely. They have such interesting faces.

  5. I am partial to a bad pun and although I'm not sure either Kerry or James ever make a pleasant hmming sound the spitting seems somehow apt.

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