Saturday, 29 June 2013

Saturday Spotlight - Purple cauliflower

I am eagerly awaiting my first purple cauliflower.

This is the first time I have attempted a purple cauli.  I have grown white cauli for several years with mixed results. This year I couldn't resist the purple variety. I raised them from seed in February and it is just now that the first one is big enough to admire - still a while to picking time.

Just ten days or so ago this very cauli looked like this. They do start off looking white with a purplish tinge and as they mature the purple intensifies.

There is only a hint of the purple on the very edge of the leaves.

Caulis are generally tricky to grow and to get a head that in any way resembles the kind of heads one might buy from the greengrocers. I am not sure that the purple variety is any different. Still this one is looking pretty fantastic as it is. Let's see if it develops some size.I will report on it's performance.

As I haven't harvested any of these yet, I can't tell you if they stay purple on cooking. I hope they do.

I am contributing this to Liz's Saturday Spotlight.

May all your caulis grow and form tight white or purple curds!


  1. I haven't grown them before but I bought one at the Farmers Market the other day. They are really quite strongly flavoured - I enjoyed it but I have to admit only just. Kind of a stronger broccoli almost slightly brussel sprouty flavour. I will be interested to know how you use it.

    1. Gosh, didnt know that they tasted that different to white cauli. Will give this one a try when its a little more mature and report!

  2. As you said, cauliflower is difficult to grow and these days I leave it to the pros and buy them at the farmer's market. I hope your caulis turn out perfect, it looks like you are on the right track.

    1. Oh thanks! To be honest I am just smitten with its colour at this point.

  3. Amazing the growth in 10 days.............looks great and will be interesting to hear how it tastes.

    1. I think it might be a photo scale issue that makes it look that dramatic an increase in size. I zoomed in on the more developed head and didn't on the baby version - not to deceive...

      I guess the thing I was most interested in was not the change in size but the change in colour... I had kind of expected the head to not get any darker in colour than its baby form and yet it has really strongly darkened.

      Can't wait to taste it now given Liz's comments.



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