Thursday, 18 July 2013

The first sign of spring

Here we are only part way through the second month of  the southern hemisphere winter and this morning the first sign of spring could be found poking thru it's oaten hay mulch.

The first spear of asparagus has arrived but I must resist the urge to cut it and steam it and dip it in olive oil and eat it.

My asparagus plants have only just gone in.
This is the first time I have tried growing asparagus. I bought 5 crowns just a few weeks ago and planted them carefully into a their bed loaded with multiple kinds of manure  - sheep, cow, horse, alpaca.

I covered the bed lightly with oaten hay that Geranium our house cow had not eaten and pretty much left the crowns to get on with it, and they have.

I wonder how many stalks each crown will produce this year? And if I am very good and don't cut any this year,  will I be rewarded with  many more stalks next year? Will the restraint be worth it to strengthen the crowns?

I am thinking that my mother (an asparagus lover), who has  until now at least, vowed not to visit us in our cold winters or in our ferocious summers, will nonetheless be tempted to visit us  in July or August next year in order to share in the first of the season's asparagus.


  1. My first spear popped up yesterday too! Isn't it exciting? Although I too doubt my restraint to not cut any this year ;)
    I haven't mulched our bed, is that important do you think?

    1. You betcha it's exciting! I am no expert here, but I don't think mulching is required at this time of year. I just had the mulch and added it, as much as to protect the soil from weed seeds and to gradually add more organic material to the soil.

  2. We have had such a mild winter here that all my parsley is starting to go to seed already.



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