Sunday, 28 July 2013

Saturday Spotlight on Sunday: Savoy cabbage

When I am late with a day-related post like Saturday Spotlight I first fret, and then realise it is still Saturday in most of the world.

Buoyed with this realisation that temporarily banishes ODC (Obsessive Date Compulsion) and inspired by the royal events of the week, I decided to stroll the patch and report on some of my produce and contribute it to Liz's Saturday Spotlight.

This week I want to tell you about my Savoys. I think savoys are my favourite kind of cabbage. They were the first variety I ever tried to grow a few short years ago, they have a mild flavour and their crinkliness is particularly attractive.

I also like how  the surrounding leaves have a blueish tinge and yet the centre is greener.

I have always found them pretty easy to grow, producing good heads with limited attention. I can't say the same for the Red Drumheads that I am trying for the first time this year - I think they will be pretty unsuccessful.

I think they are adorable but that might be because I am their mother. Here they are all crinkly and wrinkly in their cosy surrounding leaves. My husband and I are particularly thrilled  with this specimen which I am officially going to call George. 

Here is George in his bed before he was picked.

And here is George resting on a chair after the traumatic experience of having been picked. George weighed in at just under a kg - a healthy weight for a Savoy.

Here is George in the arms of his mother. She is wearing typical farm gear, a checked woollen shirt and bushwalking trousers.

Tonight we are going to eat George with some braised lamb shanks and mashed parsnip and potato.

Pop over to Liz's blog to see other people's produce.


  1. They are beautiful. I too love the look of Savoys and on your advice have popped a couple in to see how they do. I think I read somewhere that Savoy is the most nutritious cabbage variety which is another reason to grow it I guess. As for the day of the week thing I think Saturday Spotlight on Sunday has a lovely ring to it, and I myself use it often...

  2. You eat your own children??!!

    George and his siblings are indeed fine specimens. I must give cabbage-growing a go again, one day.

    Do you know that saying: "s/he's not as green as s/he's cabbage looking"? I use that saying a lot - just thought I'd throw it in there! :)

  3. I'm not sure I could eat something that I've named. :) George sure is a handsome cabbage though and I hope he is as delicious as he looks!

  4. Is it rude to say that George is a sizeable just picked savoy? Tremendously handsome, great colour and it seems first in line for the erm... pot. Really beaut baby photos

  5. George is a very nice looking cabbage. I love how you personalize your crops its cute.
    Great spotlight post.



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