Saturday, 15 September 2012

2nd wave of caulis

Yesterday I picked my first of the second planting of caulis.

My first planting, planted in January, suffered a little from whiptail but, while there were some caulis on the small side, many of them were quite decently sized, in any case we certainly had enough caulis not to have to buy any through the winter. They all had tight curds and were beautifully white (and delicious!). The last of them came out in early July.

On reflection it was a pretty good crop despite my early fears of no heads at all because of whiptail. The photo on the top is of the best of my January planting.

My second planting, planted in July and into the same beds that the first planting were in, are decidedly small and a little yellowed but still with tight curds.

The one on the right was the size of a small bread and butter plate.

I suspect that  they are on the small size because they went into the same bed as the 1st wave? I did manure and lime in between but perhaps the caulis had pulled what they wanted from the soil in the first planting?

Not sure what conclusions to draw here, so at the moment these are observations for further cogitation. Any ideas?

I will be picking the first of my 2nd broccoli planting soon too, I wonder if they will be on the small side too?


  1. I'm impressed you have a second wave, I've barely had a first! I did a blog post recently about cauli's, with some of the tips I picked up from re-reading my most trusted veg growing books. I suspect they may have needed more feeding, but my info is purely academic as I have practically no cauli growing experience myself!

    1. Thanks Bek, I will take a look at you post - I must admit - I am a bit behind on reading other blogs at the moment. I have been a bit preoccupied!

  2. I give mine fish fertiliser every 2 weeks. I think I often leave mine on the plant a little too long though - they end up bigger that way but the curds are not nearly as tight. Do yours get full sun - mine don't and I'm sure they suffer for it.

    1. Oh great - fish fertiliser! I have plans for the European carp in the creek. Ever heard of going fishing for fish emulsion? Wahaaaaa!



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