Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Currawong tanty?

Is this evidence of a currawong tanty? Or is it garden art?

We went away for the weekend and I guess the currawongs decided that they'd look for food themselves.

In the past they have tried out the little 'worms' that come out of the top of the tea lights... humans would call these wicks.

I think the placement of the tea lights demonstrates an artistic bent, don't you?  Dadaist perhaps? A critique of  middle-class house decoration?  A demonstration of the uselessness of tea lights outside?  Or the currawong's improvement of my home decorating? Perhaps it's just  plain vandalism?

What do you think these pieces of art mean? Or is it just a tanty!

But what I am really confused about is this - where is the third  tea light?

I have found where two have been placed, but the third one?  Perhaps it decorates a currawong nest somewhere?

You can read about my currawong friends here and here.


  1. Oh, that's funny! I think Half-tail has got wind of your impending move and this is the first step in his ever-escalating punishment. Naughty boy!

    Look, if you can't take him with you, send him to me. Promise I'll give him all the tea lights and treats he can handle.

    1. I'd love to take Half-tail with me, but I am afraid s/he would like the move ands s/he'd have to fight a territory battle. Better that Half-tail stays and meets the new residents. I will miss him/ her. Funny thing!

  2. I think that the currawong was gathering supplies for a candle lit dinner for another currawong that he/she had their eye on.

    1. I like this idea. Of currawongs entertaining each other. I can almost imagine it - they are SO social, so humorous, so inquisitive. It has been great to get to know them.



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