Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cosy tea

You may have read in my post Crochet and the Fairy Godmother that, after many years of avoiding knitting and crochet becasue of severe RSI, I have returned to the 'way of wool'.

The crochet is going just fine, in fact brilliantly! I will blog about this next week.  In the meantime I thought I'd try a small knitting project to see how the arms stood up with that discipline.  I decided on a tea cosy - pretty small job and also with the potential of a fun outcome.

So here it is.

I must say I DO find knitting harder on my arms than crochet, but still a small project yields results without too much pain or damage.

The wool is from Fairy Godmother Ruth's shop in Newtown, Sydney again and this is her 'homebrand' wool, Morris Estate 8 ply in Spruce for the main body and with  the flowers in Marine Green, Rustic Aubergine, Limelight, Imperial Purple, Aegean, Canopy and Dark Dijon -  nice names for colours.

I love the stitch for the main body - a seed rib - it is thick and stretches so wonderfully around the tea pot.

The flowers are pretty easy to make the worst part being casting on 100 stitches!  Is it just me or does everyone hate casting on?

The pattern is Coral Flower Tea Cosy found on Ravelry. The pattern suggests more flowers, but I think this is enough for me.

I am contributing this to My Creative Space.  See what others have been tinkering with.


  1. Even the teapot look like it is in love with the fabulous job you did. Hmm casting need to learn to knit then I will let you know. Gorgeous wool

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed it, it was very quick and where I'm going - up into the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, my tea will need to be kept cosy.

  2. I'm in love with your tea-cozy. Great stitch pattern and the colors you've put together for this piece look so pretty.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello over at my blog knitalatte.

    1. Thanks so much Karen, I really like the stitch for the main body, it is really springy, the same stick would make a great beanie. It would definitely hold its shape and be nice and thick for a col winter.



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