Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tomato apron

I have been busy...  I have made another apron in my vegetable series - this one is made from tomato fabric.

I really love these fabrics -  they allow me to combine three of my loves -  sewing, vegetable gardening and cooking.

The tomato apron has contrasting black neckpiece, a touch of red bias and big, deep, black pockets with green bias binding edging to the pockets and to the whole apron.

It will go into my shop Cumquat to join its friends, the carrot, citrus and capsicum aprons.

I am contributing this post to My Creative Space.

Take a look at all the other beautiful things that people have made this week.


  1. I just watched Annabel Crabbe on the ABC in a show called kitchen cabinet. She started off making an apple tart but I did noticed here fetching apron. Of course not nearly as fetching as this very funky tomato one. Perhaps she will come across your gorgeous blog and buy one to wear on her show?

    1. Oooh good spotting, perhaps I can send her one for free and have her blog about where she got it.



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