Monday, 12 November 2012

Everyone's a winner babe...

Last Friday I resolved to give away some of my Holbrook poppy seeds to those who told me of the flowers they grow in their patch.  It feels like a nice act to give away some of my  seeds as one of the last Sydney garden acts.

There was a lovely selection of flowers that respondents mentioned. Very popular were sunflowers -one of my favourites too. This photo of  sunflowers is a bunch that came from my patch in January. I love the bronze tones of these ones.

Nasturtiums and violas also seemed popular. I haven't grown nasturtiums for a very long time but agree, they are so lovely.  Does anyone really pickle their buds as a substitute for capers?

This picture of violas is again from my garden.  They are always in my late winter early spring garden and self seed like crazy.

File:QueenAnnsLace.jpgSeveral people mentioned flowers I am not really familiar with, such as Queen Anne's Lace - it is very pretty and apparently  related to the carrot. The other flower I was unfamiliar with was cosmos. Here they are - also pretty -  I agree, I like the fine foliage too! I think I will try both of these pretties.

Cosmos flower

I had promised to give away three little packets, but as my seed collecting has been quite successful and as I had 4 respondents, everyone's a winner! Kate, Liz, Kirsty and Bec, send me an email with your postal address and a little pack of Holbrook poppy seeds is on its way to you! (

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