Monday, 26 November 2012

What's there?

"What's there?" I hear you asking. "What's already  growing in your new patch?"
Well very little really - there are 4 peach trees with fattening fruit,

three crab apple trees ( I can see crab apple jelly!),

Jerusalem artichokes growing rapidly towards the sky,

and a few  little potato plants.

All these I have mulched and manured with sheep pooh from the shearing shed. May they all grow and prosper and be safe from the fruit fly.

Does anyone know what to do with a Jerusalem artichoke? I think I am going to have a few of them...


  1. I like jerusalem artichokes roasted, with a sprinkling of salt they can be pretty good.

    1. Roasting sounds good. Perhaps in amongst other roasted roots.

  2. Funny I remembered them last week when someone said something about allotments. As a child living in London friends who had an allotment brought our family some once. I remember them being served mashed and it was one of few things I just couldn't eat! A very earthy odd taste. But I may well feel differently now and I haven't had the opportunity to taste them since.
    PS Suddenly our courgette plants have heaps of orange flowers opening up!

    1. I have had them described as eating squashed ants... I am sure they cant be that bad but I guess they are an acquired taste.



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