Sunday, 11 November 2012

Potting up, moving out

My patch is pretty empty now. I have harvested the last of my savoy cabbages and beetroot and now the only things left in the patch are some herbs (mint, Vietnamese mint, thyme, chives, parsley), some flowers (poppies, lupins, the end of the violas and pansies) and some self-seeded tomatoes from last year's crop. I hope that the new residents will like what is left and feel excited about planting up their favourite things into the patch.

Everything that I would have in the ground at this time of the year has been raised in pots ready for the move.

I have these vegetables ready for the move:
  • eggplants
  • tomatoes 
  • chillies 
  • fennel
  • spring onions
  • zucchini

and these herbs:
  • parsley - Italian and curled
  • mint - Vietnamese and just mint
  • basil
  • sage
  • dill
  • thyme
  • chives
  • garlic chives
  • marjoram / oregano - I never know which -  do you?
  • rosemary
  • lavender
  • bay
  • yarrow

and then there is some fruit:
  •  Collette the finger lime (this is probably overly optimistic as I am not sure how she will handle the frosts!)
  • the blueberries

I have cut some right back -  the chives and bay have received a big haircut today. Others have been staked, well watered and mulched over some time so they might be more tolerant of the drive. I hope that it will be a mild day the day we move.

I am hoping that they all survive and that the vegetables will settle into a new, no-dig  raised bed  which will be hastily constructed soon after arrival. The herbs I am likely to keep in pots for a while. And then there will be other things to get started  as soon as I get organised at the new place - beans, corn, pumpkin, rock melon, cucumber ...

I will be leaving behind my special, special espaliered lime trees and my fabulous lemon tree. These citrus plants have given such pleasure.

This final picture is of my last harvest - 3 savoy cabbages and some baby beetroot.

Bye my Sydney garden - friend and comforter.


  1. Hi! What a beautiful garden. I found your awesome blog yesterday through My name is Maria Northcutt. I´m a Swedish nature freak. I met my soul mate that happened to be American. We both dreamed about having our own ranch growing organic fruit and vegetables while living with our horses and learning more about the nature that surrounds us. We got our 85acres ranch in The Sierra Nevadas, Auburn CA in January this year. We love it!!! The wildlife is rich and everything we need for (survival)food is already growing on our property. We´re in the learning process of exploring viable options in organic farming and sustainability. My blog is about that process and our family life in the wild.
    That was a few lines about me. I´m really looking forward to be inspired and learn from you!
    Right now I have a poll on my blog about names for our new alpacas. I would be very happy if you took time to vote. It´s a picture and some name alternatives from my blog readers on the top right corner.
    All the best,
    Maria Northcutt

    1. Oh thanks Maria, I am about to leave it to go to my own 'ranch' so its a little sad at the moment. I will take a look at your blog seeing as we will be doing similar things. Looks like we can learn from each other! I will have to take a hand in naming your alpaccas - they are such cute animals. Do they really keep foxes away from your stock as is rumoured?

  2. Wow, you are very organised! When do you leave? It must be sad and exciting, at the same time, to start a new adventure and a new garden. I can't help but feel a little sorry for Half-tail. He/she will miss you!

    I was thinking of one of your aprons for a friend for Christmas - they would be right up her alley. Sold out. Sold out. Sold out. Sold out! Well done for you, not so good for me.

    1. Oh I am sort of organised! Still packing but preferring to be outside tinkering in the garden. The sound of tape is starting to irritate me.

      Thanks for liking my aprons! I still have the carrot one left and a nice cucumber slices one that I haven't posted on my shop yet. I probably wont get a chance to make any more now until after we have settled in, but there WILL be more made in time for Christmas. If you can hang out a little , I will make more and post their arrival on my blog as usual!

      I WILL miss this garden but new challenges await and that is exciting!

    2. You're on! Happy to wait. Would love a 'large' size if possible and happy to pay extra. I love 'em all but the carrot one particularly appeals to me, and I think my friend will like it too. I'll email her and see what colours appeal to her (without giving away the 'surprise').

    3. I just hear back - red - so the tomato one would be excellent!

    4. Excellent Nina, tomato it is. will contact u the moment it is made, but may take just a little while while I move and settle!

    5. Hi Nina, I have made another tomato apron. If you want to get in touch with me via my email - , I can send you a photo to see if it still will work for your friend. I wont post it on the shop, I will reserve for you if you like it.

  3. How lovely to be taking so much to the new place, and having the continuum of some of the garden's plants. I cant wait to see how they all work out in the new digs!

    1. I like the pun - new digs! It feels good to have prepared in this way, you are right. No doubt my posts will tell all of my failures and successes.

  4. Good luck with the move - it must be really hard to say goodbye to the citrus. Do you have any established trees where you are going?

    1. You are right, saying goodbye to the citrus is the hard part. Most veg are quite quickly replaceable - as we know but the trees take time. There are 4 stone fruit trees - I suspect two are peach and two are apricot?(or possibly a different peach variety or nectarines) need to let them develop a little more to see. And then there are three apples of some sort that seem to have set a good amount of fruit - one has been weakened by some sort of collar rot though and wont be up for much. Still there is something in the ground to start with. I can mourn my citrus but celebrate the new challenge ahead, I cant wait to get dirty!



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