Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bird watching

Highfield is a special place. Two-thirds of the property is protecting critically endangered grassy box woodland and forest. One of the many benefits is that the bird life that depend on the forest is outstanding  Here are a few of the visitors to the area around the house. How lucky we are to have a ring-side view of these beautiful birds. All photos are by the Lad.

A pair of young Gang Gang cockatoos with their outrageous fluffy top feathers
A Rainbow Bee-eater - this one is probably in Queensland now as they fly north for winter
Red-browed finches having a  two-tiered pool party
Closer but blurry 
A male White-browed wood swallow - handsome isn't he?
A male Fairy-wren moutling - in spring he will blue up again


  1. They are fab. I love gang gangs but the bee-eater is really special. I remember going to Queensland when I was 7 (in our kombi)and my mum got very, very excited when we first saw a bee-eater. It is them and Regent Bowerbirds that really remind me of that trip. I think she must have had a list which she fully intended to see every bird on. Clearly some were easier to find than others...

    1. Bee-eaters are stunning - we love them and will be glad when they come back from Qld to our patch. We haver a list of the birds that should be in this are and we are gradually identifying them as the year passes. We hope to see the very rare Regent Honey-eater at some point but we have already seen many rare birds that rely on this vegetation. We feel so lucky.

  2. How gorgeous. The gang gang's look almost like they're laughing.

    1. They do don't they? They were very chatty when they turned up. If I had that funny head gear I'd be laughing all the time too.

  3. WOW! I haven't really seen any of these birds except the wren. Perhaps I have had a sheltered life? Fabulous you are so lucky indeed



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