Monday, 29 April 2013

Other people's produce

Around here its Festival of the Falling Leaf time. The Festival of the Falling Leaf is a little festival based in Tumut which on the Sunday also holds an Antique Fair at nearby lovely Adelong. Yesterday I headed to Adelong to be festive and to pick up some local produce. Here is what I gathered.

The pumpkins and Fuji apples were grown by the regionally famous Pat Murray. Pat wins hands down the vegetable growing exhibits around the regional shows and has done for decades apparently.

I wish I had a picture of Pat and Pat's hands. To be honest I so often feel uncomfortable about taking pictures of people for my blog - it doesn't seem right. So, you will have to believe me, Pat has hands like a lumpy bumpy potato or perhaps a Jerusalem artichoke.

 I suspect its from his hands being in soil over years and years - perhaps if they were left in the soil long enough with a little gentle watering his hands would sprout. I wonder what they would grow?

The pumpkins cost a total of $7.50. I will have to think of pumpkin recipes...

And I also purchased some pickles and chutneys.

These were made by R&C Relishes of Windsor. It was their stall that caught my eye.

You see, they were trading on their show successes too!

This time, after asking permission, I took a photo of the proud pickle maker herself and her Lithgow Show Champion ribbon.

Thank you R&C Relishes of Windsor, may you continue to preserve.

Thank you Pat, may your hands continue to grow.


  1. Wow, those pumpkins are beautiful. Such gorgeous shiny grey skins (not to leave the butternut out, but grey pumpkins seem more aesthetically pleasing for some reason.) Looks like you got some great goodies there!

    1. I think I like a grey pumpkin too. I am looking forward to scanning the recipes to see what I might make and using the pumpkins gradually thru the winter.

  2. Such beautiful pumpkins indeed! All the gorgeous things you will be able to make over the coming months. Perhaps you should do a pumpkin love day or fortnight? I am quite jealous as my pumpkins simply rotted off, sigh.

    1. I had a bad pumpkin year too, not sure how Pat managed his crop! I am thinking that I am going to need to do a cabbage love set of posts... I have quite a lot of cabbage in and it like zucchinis is not everyone's favourite veg.

  3. What a lovely thing to say about Pat - 'may your hands continue to grow'! That touched me.

    I harvested three butternuts of varying sizes which are 'curing' on the top of the dog kennel on the porch (I probably don't need much more - it's only me these days).

    Actually I harvested four. The fourth is the product of a seedling that wasn't planted out and languished in the 'Bunnings Special', forgotten. It is perfectly formed and matured but is the length of my thumb! It is so cute. I'm wondering how to preserve it forever. I'll at least take a photo - talk about micro-veggies!

    There is one more unripened butternut in the patch but the chooks dug up the plant (which I quickly replanted) but I don't know if that will survive. Those chooks have a LOT to answer for - but I love 'em.

  4. I'm thinking soup, curry, soup, curry, soup, curry, the occasional salad and a few pies (savoury rather than sweet ones - I am a big fan of pumpkin and fetta as a combination)and then back to soup again.



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