Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Zucchini Tuesday - Fritters

A whole week has passed and no posts - where has the time gone?  It must have been Easter - I will blame it anyway... I have been busy with Easter and family and friend visitors to Highfield and with building a chook house,  busy with alpaca pooh and citrus trees, with planting out brassicas and, and, and, so posts have gotten away from me.

In a few days I will post of my beautiful new chook house, the Lads that have built it and my new feathery girls but for now and much more important is badly photographed zucchini matters.

As those who follow this blog know, Tuesday is the day for zucchinis -  that veg that deserve special treatment given their glutability. Tonight we had Zucchini and Haloumi Fritters.

As by now you can see, the recipe comes from the Sydney Morning Herald - the paper of our capital city. As you can probably see  the recipe from the photograph, I wont repeat it here, in any case I am too exhausted to type it...too much chook house building.

Suffice to show, here are some photos of the delicious deployment of the zucchini surplus.

 Here be the mix...

here be the resultant fritters draining.

And it I had another photo to show you it would be the exhausted souls eating said fritters... they were yum with lamb sausages, home grown corn ( not my own, a gift from a visitor) and  my prize winning tomato and chilli jam.

(In the back of my head there is a memory of Liz from Suburban Tomato making a similar recipe to which I will link when I feel in possession of my body...)

I could go on about the state of my two zucchini plants, but we are all too tired here to elaborate.

May your zucchinis be still producing and may the culinary results of the glut be satisfying.

Until next week -  Love your Zucchini.


  1. Oh dear - I can feel your tiredness. They published that recipe in The Age too. Its different from mine - more flour from memory amongst other things. Hope you are suitably rested now.

    1. Quite a bit better now, but now I have a cold... a result of the tiredness I guess!

  2. Do city folk ever ask you what do you do all day in the bush?(ha ha) Ok I've got to try fritters!!

    1. I do think people have no idea! I have a list of things to do - deal with the newly emerged Patterson's Curse and the new rosettes of Variegated Thistle, planting out more citrus, collecting manure from the neighbours horse yards, starting to develop my permanent veggie beds, getting quotes from fence contractors... The fritters are very good.

  3. You sound pooped! Understandably. I'm looking forward to photos of your chook house.

    1. Yep, I was pooped! Next post will be on the chook house. BTW, thanks so much for the seeds, those purple carrots are asking me to prep a bed for them!



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