Monday, 16 September 2013

Harvest Monday - 16 Sept '13

The pickings continue to provide the house with most of the vegetable needs. For the last couple of months I have only bought potatoes, onions and garlic, oh and the odd red capsicum - an out-of-season indulgence which I guess I have to admit to. Red capsicum aside, because I am eating mostly from the garden, I am eating seasonally and enjoying the menus that result.

Here are the pickings from the last week.

Fennel, fennel and more fennel.

I know it's not everyone's taste but I love it and the fatter and juicier the bulbs the better.

Broccoli  - side shoots galore!

And some small heads from the second planting of broccoli.

I picked 5 very small red cabbages.

 I could stare into the centre of this cabbage for ages - the colours are stunning.

There has been celery and spring onions,

and loads of parsley, rocket and lettuce, mostly unphotographed!

That's the pickings for this week, pop over to Daphne's to see more of the produce from Harvest Monday. There will be lots of vegetables to view there soon when the earth turns a little more.

Hope your garden is producing!


  1. A very handsome cabbage indeed! The celery looks gorgeous too.

    1. Small but beautiful colours. I might pickle them!

  2. I like fennel and yours looks especially fat and juicy. What variety are you growing? Mine never seem to look any where near as good.

    1. They are "Florence". I have no trouble with growing fennel. They can take some time to develop nice fat bulbs. I find they need more water towards the fattening time rather than as they are starting off.

  3. Very nice! I'm not very familiar with fennel, but yours looks lovely. The cabbage, celery, onions, all look so beautiful.

    1. I must say I was rather late to fennel but now love it. Tonight dinner was a chicken and fennel dish with lots of smoky saffron. Yum.



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