Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Three is company

Today we took delivery of two more Dexter cattle - a cow and her beautiful little calf.

Finally our first Dexter girl Geranium has some company of the bovine type. Three of them looked very comfortable together from the first moment.

L-R: New calf Hazel, new cow Dora and Geranium doing what cows do best
I had felt very guilty that Geranium was the only cow on the property. It was obvious that she didn't feel  like the sheep and the alpacas were really part of her herd, instead,  Geranium pined for the Herefords over the neighbour's fence. We declared that we must get Geranium company and, as we had fallen in love with Geranium and with the Dexter breed,  we knew we had to get another Dexter - a small cow breed from Ireland.

A good neighbour knew that I was in search of another and found an add in the paper for Dexter cows with calves at foot. In less than a week - a  flash  in stock buying time - we inquired, visited and today have welcomed them to Highfield.

The new cow and calf are remarkably calm and Geranium is content. Suddenly Geranium doesn't want to know me - today she doesn't want a pat and she doesn't want to lick my hand. It's ok Gerry, I understand, I am not a cow...

The new cow was named Clarisse by her previous owners, the calf hadn't been named. We've decided to rename the new girl and we will call her Dora, a good name for a cow we feel, her calf is Hazel - Dora and Hazel are two of The Lad's great aunts. Dora needs a bit of feeding up, I am sure that she will enjoy our green grass.

I will give the newbies some time to settle in, then I'd like to try to milk Dora. I think you can see how huge her udder is? And then some cheese making!

Enjoy your new home and it's grass new girls, I am sure Geranium is helping you to feel at home.


  1. How sweet of you to have Geranium's best interests at heart. They all look very content together. Yum. More cheese!

    1. I cannot believe how settled Geranium is now that Dora and Hazel have turned up. Gerry is a different cow now. At first I worried about buying an older cow like Dora, but it turns out she has been a calming influence, very unfussed with goings-on a real steady cow. Thanks Big Dora!

  2. Aww what a lovely herd you have. You will be like Paul West (river cottage Australia) if you can grab some of Dora's lovely milk. I'm sure geranium will come and give you a lick when she remembers



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