Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Spring wildflowers

It's spring and in the bush the flowers are blooming and the ferns are thickening. Here are some of the bush beauties snapped last weekend.
Daphne Heath - Brachyloma daphinoides
Rock fern - Cheilanthes sp
Pink finger orchid - Caladenia sp
Creamy candles - Stackhousia monogyna
Bulbine Lily - Bulbine bulbosa
Chocolate lily - Dichopogon sp
These little treasures are in our conservation area which protects our Grassy Box Woodland and all those species, such as these, that are associated with it. Happy spring you little things!


  1. I love those delicate wildflowers - it must be lovely searching for them.

  2. What beautiful delicate flowers! I remember Chocolate lilies in the bush around the area I grew up in but I haven't seen them since. I can still remember their gorgeous scent.

  3. What beautiful flowers! They may be tiny in reality but they are delicate, intricate and gorgeous. As a kid, I lived on the edge of a new housing development that butted up against a natural bush reserve. I spent many happy hours roaming while examining and admiring the local flora (and fauna, sometimes). After many (many!) years, I’ve come the full circle and now live in a house built on the some of the land that was once the natural bush of my childhood. I’m lucky that much of the reserve still exists and is just across the road. My ramblings these days are slower but just as enjoyable.



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