Monday, 30 September 2013

Harvest Monday - 30th Sept '13

It's been a good week for pickings and for the first week in a long time  I have had radishes.

These were quickly demolished - very crunchy and very white inside -  there are more to come.
I have also picked some baby leeks. They were quite strongly oniony - my eyes stung a little while cutting them  up to go into a Lamb and Leek Risotto.

I picked the first of the snow peas too.  Normally I grow snow peas over the coldest months and normally I have enough to eat every other day. This year the chickens ate most of my snow peas while they were quite young. Only a few plants made it to maturity and these little peas are from them.

At the end of July I planted a whole lot more snow peas in Fortress Wallaby. Safe from chickens and wallabies, I am hoping for a great crop soon.

The first of my second planting of broccoli have matured with only small heads. Most of these went into a Broccoli Orecchiette.

There has been a few decent sized parsnips, and

some good sized beetroot - these got pickled.

There has also been a huge bunch of celery.

Finally, there has been more fennel - lots of fennel. Two bulbs went into a Potato and Fennel Fritatta - it was pretty delicious.  And two of them went in a little parcel to neighbours along with a dozen eggs and  four tomato seedlings. It's nice to share the excess.

I am contributing this  post to Daphne's Harvest Monday. Pop over to hers to see produce from all over the world. 


  1. Your radishes look perfect, what kind are they?

    1. A variety called " Round Red" pretty boring hey!

  2. Replies
    1. Its lovely to have more space and also more time. I love my new patch.

  3. I'm really missing radishes at the moment. We lost our last planting of them to a bad frost, and the next lot are only just starting to come through (I was stubborn and refused to believe for ages that they really were ruined by the frost, otherwise I could have replanted them much sooner!). Good luck for a bumper Fortress Wallaby pea harvest!

    1. Oh thanks! They are doing brilliantly, I hope in a couple of weeks to be eating them every night. A frost forecast here tonight and so I have run out to cover the potatoes, but left the radishes uncovered. Oh well, let's see what happens!



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