Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Breakfast Twitch at Highfield - you're invited!

White-browed woodswallow
Apologies for the almost daily blogging... there is so much happening in the garden, with our animals and generally on the farm - like a Breakfast Twitch!

Like stomping around farms and bushland looking for birds? How about breakfast and a comedian with that?

On the 8th November (7.30am- 10.30am) we are hosting our first event. The Breakfast Twitch at Highfield is an event of the Riverina Highlands Group.

Comedy writer, author and bird watching enthusiast, Sean Dooley will be our guest presenter at the bird walk at Highfield. Laugh while you twitch.
Gang Gangs
Highfield is a special place. Highfield is a farm and a conservation area. Two-thirds of the property protects critically endangered grassy box woodland and the species that depend on it including many beautiful birds. To date 86 different species of birds have been seen at Highfield including all those pictured here - all photographed at Highfield. Check out our birdlist.

Red-rumped parrots
Everyone is welcome to attend, we just need your RSVP for catering purposes and $5.00 (proceeds to Landcare) if you are not a member of Riverina Highlands Landcare group.

If you'd like to attend email me - and I will provide directions to Highfield for you and recommendations for accommodation in the local area.

Rainbow bee-eaters just back from their winter holiday in Queensland
Don't know if you are in my neck of the woods? Highfield is about half-way between Sydney and Melbourne and about half-way between Wagga Wagga and Tumut in the Riverina Highlands. We are not far from the Hume Hwy and just off the Snowy Mountains Hwy. For Canberra dwellers - we are just two hours away.

Hope to see you at Highfield on the 8th November. Come to the region for the weekend, there is plenty to see and do around here.

(PS: as I type two Diamond Fire-tails have resumed making their nest in the peach tree right next to the verandah)


  1. If I still lived in New South Wales I would definitely be there, I hope everything goes well.

    1. I hope the birds are tweeting where ever you are!

  2. Oh, I'd love to twitch with you, if you weren't too far up the road, but sadly...

    What a great idea, how did you come up with it? Will Half-tail make a guest appearance??

    1. Never mind! The idea was one generated in our Landcare group, I just volunteered our place. The Lad is the real birder in our household and I knew there were plently of birds of here. I DO miss Half-tail!

  3. What a great idea! Sean Dooley has a regular spot on my local community radio station and he's always fascinating. Wish I could join you!



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