Sunday, 5 January 2014

Grape Henge

Sun worship temple? Healing centre? 
Huge calendar? Site of ritual sacrifice?

How did they make this amazing structure using only found wood and twitching wire?

"Easy peasy", as the ancients would say!

All you need is a farm truck, a Lad handy with chain and pruning saw, crow bar, screw driver and twitching wire along with blessing and encouragement from 'The Vegetable Queen' and in no time at all you have a Grape Henge!

Our new grape trellis, located on the perimeter of Fortress Wallaby has been constructed and I am delighted. 

It's all wiggly found wood and a little wire. Not a straight line can be seen. 

This structure will form a frame for the four grape vines I intend to raise and the structure clad with large grape leaves will shade other vegetables beneath. 

That's the theory anyway. 

Let's consult the oracle to see what she foretells...

"I see a bounty of grapes of different colours, green, pink and black. I see fresh grapes full of juice, I see dried fruit - perhaps a muscatelle at Christmas?  I see stuffed vine leaves with rice and preserved lemon, and I see shaded vegetables under the protection of the grapes of Grape Henge". 


  1. Oh wow I just love it. Very creative, I would so love one of those for my grape vine.

  2. Looks fantastic! Wish we had the space for that here (although I am considering pulling down a shadecloth, maybe I could grow grapes instead...)

  3. If only all those ancient Romans could see Grape-henge. I love your place with every new picture. It is such a delight to observe your fantastic changes



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