Thursday, 2 January 2014

The first of the summer pickings

It's taken a while. There has been late frosts, chaffer grub attacks on my borlotti and then very changeable weather followed by 5 days over 35 degrees. Finally however, there are some summer pickings.

The pickings are very small right now but at least there are some.

I have been picking about 2 or 3 Jaune Flamme tomatoes a day for a week now and they are delicious - they do apparently win lots of taste tests.

Mine don't seem to be as orange as photos on the web suggest. They are more a dark yellow colour.

Some have had a little blossom end rot - but that's pretty inevitable given the hot weather run we had. In any case, it's not too bad and easily cut off. The Jaune Flamme seeds were given to me by the lovely Yvonne - thanks so much, they are beautiful.

Then this morning I picked the first Purple Cherokee. They too were ripe and delicious. Again, all thanks to Yvonne for introducing me to this tomato.

Best of all, neither tomato had any fruit fly! (Shhh, I'm keeping it quiet in case they hear me!)

I have been picking the odd cucumber too - these have come off my Space Saver plants

They are a bit wonky but as the plants mature it seems as though the fruit straightens out too.

And there has been the odd yellow long capsicum and tip pickings of marjoram . The tomatoes, capsicum and marjoram went with leftover Christmas ham and home-laid eggs into a dish I call a rough omelette - a favourite easy dinner dish.

How are your summer pickings going? Did you have the fabled Christmas tomato?


  1. Ah, the holy grail of a tomato by Christmas! Not even close, for me. Like I said over on Liz's blog, my tomatoes are a long way from coming to full size, let alone ripening.

    My first cucumber went to my daughter but I've just picked the second, with more coming good. And I'm very cross that something (slugs? snails? earwigs?) have ring-barked a couple of my capsicums - so disappointing when they were grown from seed and looking very healthy. I'll have to replace them with a couple of shop-bought ones. Poop.

    At least the girls are laying again after a shortish broody snap.

  2. My JF had BER last year too then I sprinkled some dolomite lime on it. It took about a month for the nutrient taken up and the following crops seemed to stop the BER issue. The current JF is not doing well as it was a bit lack of light due to my planting condition. I'm very glad to see those tomato seeds growing well in your garden and the taste! Your sheep manure have fed the plant well, my tomato are no where closed to yours.



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