Monday, 6 January 2014

Harvest Monday - 6th Jan '14

I've been absent from the Harvest Monday blog party the last few weeks.

Mostly because there was very little to show for my gardening efforts but also because Christmas and New Year intervened and I have taken very few photos of the pick.

But today as I was picking for the evening meal I decided to take a snap.

This little basket all went into a simple salad that accompanied a steak.

I did pick more than this over the last week but this is the only photo.

The tomatoes are Jaune Flamme, Green grape, Yellow Pear and Red Pear. The beans are Hawkesbury Wonder. The lettuce is a Butter lettuce (a little too soft leaved for me, I think I like my leaves more crisp). The cucumber is a Space Saver. I don't remember the radish variety. I also picked a little marjoram.

I'm contributing this post to Daphne's Harvest Monday. Pop over hers to see produce from others' gardens.


  1. Very nice pickings. I'm jealous of your tomatoes and cucumbers, mine are a while away yet. Sigh.

  2. Very happy to see the JF and the pears (can't remember if I did send you those seeds! I can't recognise the Green Grape?). I will have to wait for your tasting verdict on those yellow tomatoes. I just ate my early season of tommmy toe, yellow pear, yellow current and Lebanese cucumber that I have first time every successfully grown in the wicking pot. They are so yummy together with salad dressing.



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