Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bird list

We thought that the blog was a good way of recording the birds that visit and fly over our patch.  Here are the birds we have seen in or from the yard since moving in 7 years ago.  Each year we seem to have more and more variety as the garden matures and the native plants get bigger and flower more. # denotes introduced 

Fly overs only
  • corella
  • galah
  • kookaburra
  • white-faced heron on patrol in the patch for skinks
  • raven 
    • black-faced cuckoo-shrike
    • figbird (rare visitor)
    • grey butcherbird (rare visitor)
    • koel
    • magpie
    • New Holland honeyeater
    • noisy miner
    • pied currawong
    • rainbow lorikeet
    • red wattlebird
    • sacred ibis (rare visitor)
    • silvereye
    • spotted pardalote
    • sulfur-crested cockatoo
    • superb fairy-wren
    • white-faced heron (rare vistor)
    • willie wagtail
    • yellow-tailed black cockatoo (rare visitor)
    • zebra finch (rare visitor)
    • bul bul #
    • common myna # 
    • feral pigeon #
    • Rhode Island red chicken # (came over the fence from next door for a scratch in our patch)
    • spotted dove #

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