Monday, 30 January 2012

Tell her she’s dreaming!

Today's pick
Picked  - Today’s pick is in the picture!

I am dreaming… but if I had more space I’d grow:
  • Tamarillo -  tastes like a curious combination of tomatoes and passionfruit with beautiful egg-shaped dark red fruit
  • Passionfruit -  these straight from your vine are juicier and more fragrant than the shop bought ones but they take up so much room and you have to have the right spot
  • Different citrus – citrus grow well in Sydney, I have lemons and limes, but what about a really tart mandarin or a grapefruit or a blood orange?
  •  More zucchinis, beans, cucumber, tomatoes – “but don’t you have trouble dealing with the glut”, you ask? “Yes”, she says, but if I staggered the planting then I could extend the season and avoid the hungry gap between picking all the summer produce and getting the autumn glut, and I could also stagger the broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, cauliflower (and I could give up work and..., and...)

If I could access them I’d grow:
  • Padron -  I’ve talked about those ( see padron and other unattainables), going into more detail about my love for the pardon will just  make me crave them more
  •  Finger limes - ditto with above.  I fancy Sydney rock oysters with  just a few finger lime pearls to garnish
If I could get them to grow, I’d grow: 
  •  Soybeans  - for that lovely Japanese snack – sticky steamed pods
  • Better garlic - I had a bit of success this last year, I got some decent sized bulbs and am still using them, but bigger bulbs would make the home-grown ones easier to use.   My little ones still make it easier to grab the big fat shop-bought ones because they are easier to peel.
Tips appreciated!

AND now you are ABLE to comment!  In my incompetence I had set the blog up restricting comments.  That is all fixed now and open to all. I am learning!


  1. Yay for comments!

    I grow Edamame (japanese-style soybeans). Last year I planted too late and the crop was a bit meagre but this year my plants are amost ready and they are looking good! I bought the seeds from Green Harvest but I found the germination rate a bit low. It will be interesting to see if it improves next year with the seeds I save from this year's crop.

    Not sure if you got my email, but you can get padron seeds from The Italian Gardener and finger limes from Daley's Fruit.

    1. Yep, blog skills are getting there, gradually! Thanks so much for the advice on soybeans, finger limes and padron.

      Garden Glut

  2. Shall I make you jealous? Well you know I have tamarillo, I also have passionfruit, 6 dwarf citrus including orange, mandarin & cumquat. I also have a finger lime - they are really prickly. Now of course none of these have fruited except for the passionfruit & the tamarillo (I did eat those last 4 fruits)but I hopefully I'll get some citrus for the first time this year which would make me really happy. The dwarf citrus are all in pots - do you have space for pots? Dwarf is good, expensive but good....also the finger lime seems pretty small - well mine is at the moment anyway.

  3. Oh I am totally envious! Celebrate the deadly sins I say! As well as GLUTony being a sin, so is envy! And greed! Greedy for more space! do you ever have enough? Yep I can do some pots, I have heard that a finger lime goes ok in a pot? What do you think? Think I fancy a cumquat! Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. My finger lime is in a pot - its really quite small at them moment though, but I don't see any reason why it can't stay in a pot - having said that in 10 years when its yet to fruit and I have been prickled by it 500 plus time I might say something different.....I acquired it from my mother who bought it at a market and I have to say I have done nil research on the topic and could n't even tell you how big they get (although I think it is pretty big). Cumquats on the other hand are brilliant in pots, don't get very big at all and make lovely marmalade. Probably the sensible choice....

    1. Thanks for the advice! Potted citrus here we come!



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