Saturday, 21 January 2012


Friday 20th Jan

  • punnet of tomatoes
  • 2 big cos lettuce
  • 5 fat beetroot
  • Italian parsley
The garden is booming along. The beetroot pushing out of the ground, chillies are ripening and the next batch of cucumber are fattening in their nests of sugar cane straw that surround the plant. I have to think of beetroot and cucumber recipes...

The eggplants that I planted out - the ones I was afraid might be a little too woody as seedlings?  They are ripping along obviously enjoying the space outside their seedling punnet. Even little limes are forming on the two espaliered tahitian lime plants -  success from stink bug surveillance!

But tonight I have to eat cos lettuce -  they look fabulous -  fat but not too far gone, and they have had enough water to make them sweet and crisp.  What else do you do with cos lettuce but caesar salad!

Caesar salad

cos lettuce*
bacon cut into small stips
bread cut into small chunky bits
parmesan grated
poached eggs
Italian parsley*
chicken breast cut into chunky bits
home-made mayonnaise

Wash and break up cos lettuce and spin. Make homemade mayonnaise (I do this by feel but you might want to look up a recipe the first time. I keep garlic out of the mayonnaise for a cos salad).

Fry off bacon and remove from pan, fry bread bits in bacon fat and remove. Clean pan and cook chicken chunks and remove.  Poach eggs. Pull it all toegther and dribble over the mayonnaise as you like.

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