Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas coloured aprons

I cant help but think that my latest bunch of aprons have a festive season colouring. It wasn't deliberate, it is just that it turned out that way.

I am particularly fond of this cherry orchard one.

Cherries say 'Christmas' to us in the southern hemisphere. It isn't Christmas if there are no cherries - particularly the very dark ones -  so it was just the right time to sew this fabric up.

Now I live in the foothills of the Snowies, not too far from Young and prime mainland cherry growing territory, I need to invest in a couple of cherry trees I think, so I can grow my own 'Christmas'.

My mother kindly gave me this fabric. When she saw the aprons I had been making from fruit and vegetable fabric, she pounced upon this and sent it down. I love the colours and think it makes a very nice apron. It might make a very nice summer dress too!

I am going to make another version of this with black contrast fabric and the maroon bias.

For my veggie growing friends, note my ancient dibber (which I just fixed - phoaw you home handywoman you!).

Then there is this capsicum one. I have made one of this fabric before but the contrasting fabric and bias were round the other way.
Again, I think the colours are right for the season.

Then there is a tomato apron that will go on a journey to Victoria tomorrow. It's going to Nina who is giving it to her friend. I hope they both like it.

I have made a tomato one before - but I prefer this version.  I really love all that red and a little black.

For my veggie growing friends - note the dirty gloves, the worn out thongs and hats - my gardening attire.

Have you been making anything that says 'Christmas' to you?

I am contributing this to My Creative Space. There are lots of Christmas-themed handmade things there this week (and other lovely things). Take a look at how creative people are.


  1. Your aprons are always stunning . Great job x

    1. Thanks Bron. I really like making them.

  2. I'm looking forward to its arrival!

    I'm envying your lovely wide porch. It reminds me of the ones we had when living more rurally. I could barely swing a cat on this back porch, let alone a chook!

    1. Space used to be something I'd wish for more of. No problems there now. Its a very big property but not not a very big house. Loving it here.

  3. I must say that I love how that tomato one turned out - they look almost like a rose pattern!
    I have to ask: where are you getting all this fabric? I particularly love your citrus fabric that you used earlier!



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