Monday, 24 December 2012

Harvest Monday - Christmas Eve

I am not sure whether to be delighted or despondent. Normally, I would be hauling produce in from the backyard in my favourite basket, providing  the Christmas table with tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, herbs, lettuce, rocket, radish, chillies, lemons and limes and sundry other things. But as we moved in mid November to our new place my beds are new and my produce scant. Still I guess I am picking something. Here is today's where near what I would normally be bringing in and the chillies are tiny  -  a consequence of needing to be careful with the water at the moment?

Over the week I have picked a few other things too but in tiny amounts. I have had some more tomatoes - these are Brown Berries and Broad Yellow Ripple Currant.

Decent hands full of blueberries with another picking ready for harvest for tomorrow's breakfast.

But there are things on the way. My zucchs are fruiting up nicely now - the bees must have found them.

My zebras are doing very well, and, as it looks as though there are no fruit fly here, I may have them all to myself for a change!

My junior cucumber plants (Spacemaster) are looking very happy despite the heat we have had.

Tigger the melon is starting to run and the eggplants are forming.

Last night we had 40mm of rain and an amazing light show via the most  dramatic thunderstorm  you could imagine. The whole sky lit up at times like momentary daylight with sheet lightening across the distant hills.

This year we are sharing our Festive Season with new co-residents - the native wildlife that live at Highfield with us. Take a look at our Wildlife page to see who we have met already.

Best wishes everyone, may your garden prosper over whatever type of Festive occasion you celebrate at this time of year.


  1. Wow I am impressed with the eggplant mine are still just flowering and not much else. Glad to see the zucchinis are looking gorgeous. I will do a post next week as I am far from organised this week. Enjoy the first of many festive seasons in your new space

    1. Thanks Jen, I am loving watching the eggplants come on. There is something about the combo of their grey green leaves and the dark purple bulging fruit that makes me happy.

  2. You answered what I was going to ask. No fruit fly! You must be thrilled about that.

    I think you have done amazingly well with your harvests considering how you have been in your new nest for such a short time. My eggplants don't even have a flower, yet!

    I bought 3 blueberry plants the other day and a non-grafted passionfruit. I can't wait to plant them, now that I have some time while I'm on leave. I'll also have time to plant out all those seedlings I planted up ages ago - they are desperate to get in the soil!

    Have a great Christmas, Louise. I'm looking forward to continuing to read of all your gardening and other adventures.

    1. Enjoy planting up and getting dirty after staying clean for Christmas! I am keen to get some more blueberries, they will go well here I think.

  3. Your harvest is already way ahead of mine despite the move. No chillies or blueberries for us yet. Happy festive season, have a lovely day/s.

  4. Well, I love your new place. I can't wait until you settle in. It seems to be a very interesting and a fun new experience for you.

    1. Thank you Cristy, we are smitten with the place and cant believe it is ours. Thanks for being interested in our antics.



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