Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Oops! - Zucchini Wednesday

Dear me, I got a little busy and forgot to post yesterday on the vegetable in need of character restoration - the humble zucchini.

You know how it is at this time of the year - shopping. Yesterday I spent most of the day in at my local little smoke Tumut, doing the Christmas shopping and making sure I had enough supplies for visiting family and friends, and enough supplies to not have to go 'out' again for some time, so the last thing on my mind was the zucchini character restoration project.

To add to the problem, I had a disturbing email from my mother who doesn't seem to be 'on-message' with my zucchini project. Here is an extract from her email to me....

" I have had to remove my four zucchini plants which have given very small yields, acquired a mould leaf and they had spread out of control keeping a heavy cover on the other things like my herbs, beetroot and new rhubarb..."

Hmm, pretty sad when even your mother is 'on the other side'. But her email did make me consider - what is the right number of zucchini plants.  No offence mum, but four does seem excessive, especially for a one person household!  What would you do with the glut?

I have only one in at the moment, but am raising another one to extend my season. I think two on a succession planting is probably enough. On the other hand one can get so tempted by planting a number at the same time but of different colours -  a dark green one, a light green one and a yellow one for pretty salads.

What's happening in your zucchini world? Any mouldy leaf? Any one else tempted (like my mother) to commit  mass zucchini murder?

Just in case anyone out there is considering bucking the 'love your zucchini' movement  I post here appealing pictures of adorable zucchini flowers from my Greenskin. How could you pull this out I ask you!


  1. Mine look unhappy! Not growing v well, some leaves becoming skeletal, flowers but no babies developing. I don't know what is wrong? Anyway we built a new garden and planted new ones in desperation.

  2. Um, yes, four is a bit excessive, no matter the size of the household! I've got two in (one too many, I think) and I've given away another with a couple more languishing on the shelves of the Bunnings Special. I've been meaning to give them away too - I might have to do a door knock!

    I have one in a pot and another in the ground. Only a couple of little ones developing in the pot and I haven't checked the one in the ground for a while as the bed is covered in bird netting and I forget the zucchini is there. I expect that will be the plant to give me the giant marrows that the chooks will end up enjoying.

    The flowers are beautiful, aren't they?

  3. Well I would say 4 seems a lot but then I have 3 in. I didn't really mean to but even after giving away half the punnet I still had 3 and which one should I have not planted? They are in the part of the garden where they can get carried away in amount the pumpkins and watermelon (that I still have to plant).

    My big concern is I am away down the coast next week and how will they all cope without me????

    Glad you got your supplies it would be a pain to have to keep going back and forth to the shops I think

  4. I have planted about 4 zuccini and 4 squash also have a couple of trombocini growing. Im hoping to end up with a glut so i can pickle or preserve it but that seems unlikely as im having big issues with pollination. Have started hand pollinating with some success. Is very frustrating as i have raised all these plants from seed. Sadly my pumpkins are also failing me dont think ill end up with the glut that id hoped to achieve , had wanted soup in winter. Im not going to give up just yet tho. Happy gardening.

  5. I have one plant and frankly given the size of the plant any more would mean devoting half my growing space to it - not even a very well deserved character restoration project is worth that.



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