Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Harvest Monday on Tuesday

Kept inside by a heavy fog and warm heater I decided to document my meagre harvest of the last week and post it on Daphne's Harvest Monday.

Yes, you are right, it is Tuesday here in Australia, but I figure I am still 'legal' as it is still Monday somewhere inn the world and definitely Monday in the US where Daphne's blog is based. So here is the meagre harvest of the week just passed.

A few finger limes.  Liz recently explained what these little fruit are. These seem undersized to me but they fell off in my hand when I inspected the bush  and I figured they must have been ripe.

The finger lime I have is 'Collette' a black skinned lime with bright green citrus bubbles. Liz's finger limes are pink inside. The bubbles are highly fragrant as well as being very citrusy.

Most of the rest of the pick this week has focused on chillies and capsicums. The chillies are gradually ripening up and each day I pick about 5 -  not huge quantities but still they add to my stash which will sustain me for a year.

I also decided to beat the impending frost by picking my developing capsicums. They were meant to be large red capsicums, but I picked them green and stuffed them with a mix of feta and ricotta and pine nuts, topped them with smoked paprika and baked. Delicious.

And there has been a small pick of padron peppers as well, eaten by quickly tossing in a saucepan with olive oil and skin blistered and dashed with sea salt.

A fist full of spring onions completes the pick -  these went into my favourite eggplant dish - Spicy Eggplant - a Chinese style dish made by the Lad.

That's it really.  Head over to Daphne's for more produce.


  1. Black limes! Just like Liz, you've brought me to a screeching halt! I so want to get my hands on those finger limes.

  2. I had a finger lime in my sights at a nursery about a year ago and it leapt out and stabbed me (those are damned vicious thorns!) so I left it for someone else to punish themselves with. I'm regretting it now, after seeing your and Liz's posts. I might go hunt out another.

  3. I really must make that spicy eggplant! Now I just need a way to remember when it comes to dinner making time and my brain goes empty and all I can seem to remember to make are the same things we had the previous week.

    1. Nothing wrong with relying on tried and tested dishes!

  4. What cute little limes, I have never seen such a thing. Your harvest has me drooling. Its just now getting to planting time here, and I am using the Mittleider method,so I am expecting a huge ramp up in production this yr. Its already looking great with a 8" growth in 8 days of my strawberries.

  5. I should try finger limes - I have kaffir and tahitian, so a lime trilogy would be most excellent!



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