Monday, 27 May 2013

Things are happening

It's a wake-up call when your mother phones and asks, "Is everything ok -  you haven't blogged for a week". And then, with more hesitation says, "Is Geranium ok?"

The answer to the question is and was, "Yes, everything is fine and Geranium is bonding with us, it's just that we've been very busy - too busy to blog." You see, in the last week things have started to happen - some of our infrastructure is finally coming together.

We now have a bridge crossing the creek that we must cross to enter the property.

We have a solar hot water system on our roof heating to steamingly hot the water from our tank and all for free. It even looks good!

We have had a space for our shed excavated. This shed will provide space for storage and tinkering with wood and dairy produce.

The beds in Fortress Wallaby (our vegetable patch) are gradually being made. They are framed by wood from the property, carefully selected and manoeuvred into place by the Lad. Filled with cardboard, manures and grass clippings eventually a growing medium will develop. (You should have seen the mountain of cardboard that came off the solar water heater! Now all turning to worms in the bottom of the bed!).

This bed will host apples and some currants and a perennial green manure to cut and mulch with.

We have taken out a huge Red Box tree. It towered over the house and was a real fire and dropping limb issue and it had to go.

While it is sad, we will use the wood wisely, it is so dense and beautifully red.

We will get someone with a portable mill to help us to make best use of this beautiful wood.

In the meantime, the chooky girls provide light relief and luridly yellow-yolked cackleberries.

And the views in the morning continue to make me smile.


  1. Lovely round up - you have been busy. I love your wood edged beds - looking fab.

    1. Thanks Liz, I am kind of liking the wiggliness of the beds with the natural wood.

  2. Your very own bridge - how cool is that? Love the chook photo, they are characters, aren't they?

    That timber looks amazing and will be so versatile on the property. You are having a ball in this wonderful new environment, aren't you??

    1. Sounds very impressive doesn't it? A bridge of ones own?

      Is it that obvious that I am having a great time?

  3. Replies
    1. And wait, there is more... the kitchen is going in today! We cant wait for you to visit.



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