Monday, 13 May 2013


Last night and this morning, it rained. It woke me at about 4am -  it was a pleasant wakening - a drip, drip, drip and a trickle into the tank. The sound that means longer showers.

It hasn't rained much here so far this autumn - we had only 9.5mm in April and quite warm temperatures. Many properties around have been looking very parched and I know that some are hand feeding their stock already - a little too early in the season.

The farmers around here have been waiting for the autumn break and it didn't really happen. But last night it rained and  there were 12.5mm of beautiful rain in the gauge and more rain is forecast.

The rain makes everything look so beautiful. The dampness has made all the colours of Highfield really stand out.

Like the colour of the  lichens on the post that holds the rain gauge.

And the beetroot red of the growth rings in the top of the fence posts.

The bark of the Box trees and the Blakley's gums are an inspiration of colour.

There is a little low cloud over the hills. 

The brassicas and nasturtiums are holding little diamonds of rain drops.

Strangely the grass seems to have greened up already. I cant wait to see the new growth.

Let's hope that those further west have received some rain or will soon.


  1. They are some gorgeous photos. I hope your tanks fill soon.

    1. We got a lovely 27.5mm in total over two days, good steady soaking rain. More to come!

  2. Oh I hope your garden enjoyed the soak ! we got 12mls too but only another 3mls overnight.
    I was visiting my Mum&Dad on Sunday they have a winery at a place called Rheola just out of Inglewood,central Victoria.They have worked so hard over the years and this summer has really taken its toll, no grapes,vines dying and their beautiful native garden turning up its toes,even the gum trees in the nearby state park all dying. So it was just the perfect Mother's day gift for her when it started raining!!

    1. It's been tough for many people, comparatively we are doing just fine. We got another 15mm through yesterday so 27.5mm in total. The sky is dark and gloomy today and rain is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday again so hopefully the tanks and dams will fill and the gardens will soak.



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