Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Apps for gardeners and gardening cartoons

A couple of Saturdays ago in the Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney's broadsheet newspaper - broadsheet for only a little while longer), there was a fabulous cartoon by Michael Leunig. It was a cartoon that suggested 6 Apps for Troubled Times.

As with all good cartoons, it resides on the fridge and will get yellow and be replaced with the next great cartoon.

All 6 apps are fabulous, I think you can read it below. I wanted to share it with you because 2 of the apps were particularly relevant to us gardeners and poultry keepers. 

Here is a close up of the 'earthworm' app.

Don't you want one hundred poems about the earthworm? I know I do!

What would the poems address? Endless praise for their help? Admiration of their nobbly castings? Envy of their efficiency? Complex descriptions of  that lovely red-brown colour of their bodies? Descriptions of their wiggliness and their segmentation? 
Perhaps a racy poem might contemplate their sex lives.

Have  you have composed one or two poems  to the humble earthworm? If you have please, share it.

And the other app? How handy it would be it we had a  app that translated the chatter of our girls while they went about their work. What do they say to each other about us?  What goes on between them while they are busy maintaining their pecking order? What do they prefer - cabbage or lettuce? Or green cabbage moth grubs perhaps?

While I am thinking about it, there is another Michael Leunig cartoon on our fridge which was cut out of a calendar. It's predictably called  'A day in the garden'.

It makes me smile every time. I hope you are smiling too. It really is me in a daggy ('unfashionable' in Australian English) gardening dress, with accompanying cat  Harriet, towered over by sunflowers and watched by Half-tail the currawong and a screetching lorikeet.  It's you too.

But back to apps. What apps do you have that help your gardening, or are you a book person?  Or perhaps  you are a website person, or  just a blog browser for your information?


  1. Haha, that cartoon is soooo me too! I'm definately also a daggy gardener! Re: apps vs books vs the internet - I'm a books and internet fan. Particularly at this time of year when its often too cold/wet to get outside, flicking through my gardening books keeps me sane. But when I need more specific info I often go to the web. I've not used any apps, but its not something that I've looked into, except briefly some mushroom identifying ones for potential foraging. But I'd love to hear if there are any good ones out there that people come across!

    1. I must admit, I am a book fan really, and some gardening magazines ( although fewer than you might imagine). I would like to know if there are good gardening apps out there. I am about to 'graduate' to a 'smart' phone. OOOH like the sound of your mushroom identifier!



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