Sunday, 1 July 2012

Thin pancakes, thin patch

  • rocket
  • 1 cauliflower
  • Italian parsley
  • oregano
  • celery seedlings
  • broccoli seedlings
  • cauliflower seedlings
  • savoy cabbage seedlings

Thin no 1
The day started extremely  well with one of the best Sunday breakfasts imaginable - thin pancakes with lemon and sugar (the lemon juice from the garden of course). This is a lad speciality and a massively appreciated one. When you happen to get the sugar and lemon balance just right, it is heavenly. Pancakes, black tea, the only thing that could have improved the scene was a sunny verandah, alas, it was grey and cool.

Thin no 2
The garden is a little thin too ( but not in a good way). It is thin on produce. I have two caulis and two cabbages still to pick,  a small amount of snow peas still flowering and  a few fennel and that is about it. I have a mountain of rocket and lemons  though - yes, the lemon glut doesn't have an end....

With most of my produce now picked it was time to restock the patch with broccoli, cabbage, cauli and celery. They are tiny and I will probably regret putting them in when I want my beds free for the planting of the summer crops... oh well, let's see. 

Most of today's pickings will go into dinner -  the oregano into tonight's dinner a chickpea, chorizo and red capsicum dish I have made before and unimaginatively  made again this evening (but I do enjoy it!).

The rocket is going into a  rocket, parsley and pecarino salad.

Rocket, parsley and pecarino salad
Italian parsley*
pecarino slices thin 
olive oil

Wash the rocket and parsley ( make sure there are no snails...) spin. Make dressing from oil and lemon juice. Mix a small amount of the dressing thru the leaves and arrange on a plate top with thin pieces of pecarino.

With SO much rocket in the patch and very little else, I can see I will need to think of many ways to eat it.  Got any ideas on endless rocket recipes?


  1. I have absolutely no rocket in my garden at the moment - not sure how that happened but it did. I really must do something about it... I love your teacup - perfect shape and very cool handle.

    1. It is funny how we have some gluts and some gaps, no matter how we plan. Thanks for the comment on the teacup. I have a whole dining set in that design, it is pretty cool and pretty old. I love it.

  2. I love lots of rocket in an omelette.

    I've also made rocket soup (made similarly to the parsley soup that Liz kindly wrote up). Nice enough, but not brilliant.

    Another rocket soup recipe has lots of garlic and some goat's cheese.

    Rocket pesto is good, too!

    Rocket, pear, parmesan, oil and lemon makes a great salad.

    I'm out of ideas, now! I'll be interested to see what others suggest as my rocket is going strong, too.

  3. Oh these are great suggestions Nina, thanks. I particularly like the garlic and goats cheese and the pear version!

  4. Oh, I miss fresh rocket so much. We can buy it in HK, but it is always wilted and travelled from half way around the globe. And costs a small fortune. Boo to that. Your thin pancakes look VERY yummy, they are my fave!

    1. Oh , that's a shame Cat! There are few other pleasures greater than than freshly picked rocket... but I wont rub it in. But in HK you are able to buy all sorts of other luscious greens that we don't see here.

    2. BTW Cat, love your stuff! I make stuff too but struggle to find all the time I would like.



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