Thursday, 26 July 2012

Goldfish apron

Last week I showed you my wonderful carrot apron.

I made it with the aid of a Kwik Sew pattern, my sewing machine a bit of sunshine  on the back verandah and some time off work.

Last week I make Style A. This week I tried the other full apron pattern - Style B -  and made this goldfish apron.

The fabric is quite a lot of  fun (I think) with orange goldfish on an aqua background. Some of the fish are blowing bubbles!

The skirt is very full and the panelling edged by bias gives the skirt of the apron a lovely structure, although its not particularly evident in these photos... you know sometimes things you just make still think they are fabric and haven't yet realised they are something else?  It will realise its an apron tomorrow.

Every time I have my haircut, it's the same...

This pattern uses LOTS of bias. Meters and meters!

I am contributing this to
My Creative Space, have a look and see what others are making this week.


  1. Touche!!!! another great apron with fabulous fabrics.....I really must hunt that pattern down...and then practice my bias binding making. xx

    1. Oh thanks. It's fun finding nice fabric and even more fun when you can find it cheap like I found this one! I am contemplating a bias maker myself. Do you have any particular recommendations? Thing I should consider before buying?

  2. Replies
    1. Oh thanks, but not really so talented. I just grew up absorbing by osmosis the sewing skills of my mother, aunts and grandmother.

  3. Cute apron... Did your cat love the fish on it?! :)

    1. It would have been hellish if she had recognised them!



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