Monday, 11 February 2013

Harvest Monday - 11th Feb 2013

The peach harvest has started in earnest. This morning I picked a small basket full of blushing, fragrant beauties.

They came off two different trees - one of the trees produces much smaller fruit than the other but both are delicious.

The smaller peach is a cling stone and the larger one a free stone. I don't know what variety they are at all.
Until now I have been eating 3 or 4 peaches a day, with this pick, I am going to need to find some peach recipes and get preserving.

My other pickings are still meagre.

This is the last of the tomatoes. The constant heat meant that the tomato plants just dried up. The fruit however because of the heat  had such a concentrated flavour. The chilli plants still produce.

My stash of mature spring onions is nearing its end now, more are just striplings having only recently germinated. These ones are so white because of the very deep mulch I have been applying.

There have been a few cucumbers to pick thru the week, every salad features cucumber at the moment. I wish I had enough to preserve as bread and butter cucumbers but the heat and the Wallaby has knocked the plants around a little too much.

I have also picked lots of mint and some oregano but I didn't take any photos...

I am contributing this to Daphne's Harvest Monday. Join her for pictures of lots more produce.


  1. I love peaches. I have a peach tree in the yard that I planted last year. I dutifully took off the flowers last year, because that was the recommended path. The kids are begging me not to do that again this year. Do you know if I must remove the blossoms again, or if I can get away with leaving them?

    1. Hi Cristy, I am really enjoying my peaches too. I am a total peach novice having inherited these trees when we moved here so I can't claim any expertise or knowledge. However, going from my citrus experience, generally you don't let your citrus trees fruit the first year at all and then the next year you usually thin out any fruit that sets. Then the third year leave it to its own devices the branches are usually developed enough by then. But that's my advice for citrus.

      I would think that you could enjoy the flowers and remove any fruit that forms the first year. If this is the second year of your tree in the ground and assuming that the advice for citrus is at all relevant, then I would think you can let it flower and just thin out any fruit if you think they have set too heavily for new little branches. But like I said I am a peach novice.

  2. I have the song peaches by the presidents of the United States in my head now :0) The peaches look great . My nana used to have peaches everyday for dessert so she must have preserved them whole I expect



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