Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fallen nests

In the few months we have been here we have seen so much bird activity. We have seen over 60 different  bird species on the property and their antics at the bird bath and around the house keep us endlessly amused.

We have also found fallen nests.

This large nest we found today. It's quite large (see its size on the chair cushion) and its made from fine twigs and dried grass with a little plastic and fur from a possum perhaps?

This one is made almost entirely from the bark of a red stringy bark tree but has the odd little bit of sheep wool, some fine grey hair ( from what I cannot guess) and a flower or two. 

And the last one is the smallest of them all. Its made from fine dried grass with a little bit of dried moss around the rim.

What little works of art they all are.

They now grace our side board and have joined two other nests we collected from  our former house in Sydney -  one made by a Bul Bul and another by a Silver eye. The side board is getting a little crowded.

Do you know who these three nests belong to? Do you have a small collection of things you pick up from the bush/ forest/ farmland?


  1. I found a whole bunch of empty nests while I was hedge laying in the orchard -proves what a valuable resource our hedgerows are. I gave them to my friend who teaches primary for her nature table - the kids love them.

    1. How lovely, both to find them and to give them to such a good place. We don't have a history of hedgerows here, but we do have lots of lovely spikey dense bushes that the little birds like to nest in. Those plants are not always so popular in farmland or with city gardeners. I have been trying to raise seeds of our local spikey wattle that creates this habitat - Acacia paradoxa.

  2. I do like the idea of a nest collection. My daughter is very into collecting things at the moment and I will have to show here this. Very beautiful.

    1. I hope she likes them. Things from nature are so lovely to collect.



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