Tuesday, 21 February 2012

After heavy rain

two of the lovely big brown berries
  • chillies  - they just keep coming!
  • tomatoes - just brown berries now but gosh they are lovely!
  • 6 spring onions - all used in dinner
Despite three days of some pretty heavy rain and flash flooding in some parts of Sydney, the garden is looking great!  It is draining nicely,  I must be doing something right.

broccoli seedling
The broccoli seedlings didn't suffer at all (I thought they would have drowned) in contrast they are booming along.

The spring onions are nice and firm and the beans have started to produce -  I keep picking and eating them in the garden so far none have made it inside.

new spring onions
Amazingly the brown berries didn't split with the rain.  Why is that? When I had the yellow currant ones and the sugar lumps in - they split.  Maybe the soil is better draining under the brown berries? That's my theory anyway.
new baby cucumber

More eggplant on the way -  I will save you from more eggplant pictures today... And, I think I have managed to beat the aphids on the cucmber with my 'spray the blighters off with the hose' trick. And the heavens helped too with a couple of torrential soakings and by filling up the tank after my wasteful use of water pest control method.

Tonight some of the eggplant will be used up in the often cooked Chinese Spicy Eggplant dish.  We cook it so often but am I bored? Not one bit.  David is the  chef!  Mmm can't wait.


  1. Have you posted the recipe for the Chinese Eggplant dish? If not, I would love know more. A Chinese restaurant I sometimes go to (its a bit pricey otherwise I would go more often...)does a lovely Claypot Eggplant - absolutely delicious.

    1. I love claypot eggplant too! The recipe for the Spicy Chiunese Eggplant is in my recipe list and in Techno-bimbo backlog. I should put the link up to this page!

  2. That storm was a cracker, wasn't it? I'm not getting too much fruit split this week because I think the tomatoes have gotten used it it! Pity about the fruit fly. I've actually ordered some exclusion bags it has gotten so bad.

    I agree that eggplant has been a joy this year.

    1. Oh interesting theory on split tomatoes! You might be right. Yep, want the lightening amazing - whole sky lit up in bright yellow white light, incredible.

  3. Yum, yum...that spicy eggplant dish sounds divine. We may have to try that someday! Thanks!



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