Monday, 27 February 2012

I'm missing you my garden!

Picked - nothing

Here I am in a hotel room up the coast from Sydney at a work 'retreat'.  But my real retreat is my backyard, my lovely husband and cat.

This is not restful at all, hotel beige, the over cholrinated pool sting to the nasal mucous membranes, the impossibility of letting your guard down after 7 hours cause you are still technically at work.

No post-work revive by walking thru the garden, no Harriet pat, no man cuddle, no therapeutic chopping.

And no picture to add to the blog.


  1. Oh, we miss you too!
    Hope you aren't cooped up for too much longer.

    1. Oh thank you! It is ALWAYS the simple things that are most important... home, hearth, Harriet (cat) and husband.

  2. You have my sympathies - I've always viewed a work retreat as a particularly horrendous form of torture and yet they still seem to happen - why is anyone's guess.



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