Friday, 17 February 2012

A glut of chillies (2)

As a Friday evening salve to a week at work, I decided to pickle some of my green cayene chillies. I am sure you feel similarly?  Cooking and gardening are like sedatives, calming tonics and antidotes to the rest of the world. And I when you can combine both, there must be an added bonus, right?

Pickled chillies
I used 14 of the 24 long cayene in the freezer to make two small jars. Here they are!

But... I have hot little hands suffering from chilli burns.  The recipe calls for you to remove the seeds.  But the pictures that accompany the recipe are of lovely round sections of chilli. So, following the recipe (or at least the picture) I cut the chillies crosswise into lots of round little discs and then tried to remove the seed. Bad idea! After removing seed from the first 4 cut up chillies, I gave up on the idea of lovely round discs and slashed the side of the remaining chilles and opened them up to remove the seeds.

Pickled chillies

This recipe comes from but I put my version here as well.

10 long cayene chillies (that's what I used but use what you have, the recipe called for 4oz - I didnt weigh)
Chinese rice vinegar - enough to top the chillies when they are in the jars
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
1 cup boiled water

Prepare the chillies by de-seeding and cutting crosswise.  Place in a bowl and blanch by pouring on  boiling water and steeping for 10 minutes. Drain and discard water. Add to the bowl the salt sugar and vinegar and mix. Stir and then transfer to sterlised jars.


  1. You can deseed chilies a bit easier by cutting the tops off, then running a fine bladed knife around inside them, then rinsing the seeds out under running water. Not good for drought times, but at the moment we have plenty of water. I run the water out into a bucket that I throw to the chooks too, so as not to end up with feral chili bushes everywhere down the creek. And I've learned to wear gloves! My Pickled Chilis recipe leaves out the blanching stage, and it works fine.

    1. Great tip! Thanks. After having picked around 300grams of chillies this morning to add to the two containers in the freezer, I seriously need more options to keep this wonderful produce so thanks for your recipe too.

      Louise the glut



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