Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Water, water everywhere - much too much to drink

More eggplant pictures - you'll be glad when summer's over wont you!
  • lots of chillies
  • 1 cucumber
  • enough beans for two for dinner
Lots and lots of rain, more to come (it's forecast till Sunday!). The frog pond is at its limit, our city's water supply dam is going to overflow and my private tank is already overflowing into the storm water. Perhaps we should have got two tanks! 

The veggies continue to drain well however, after a day of constant wetness and even the little new seeds that have sprouted and that are still at dicotyledon stage are not waterlogged. I am a little worried that the snow peas will ahve already rotted in the soil though. But in general I am feeling very pleased with my soil development. 

Last night David excelled! Two curries with brown rice ( I love brown rice) a chicken one and this yummy eggplant one.

Curried eggplant * from the garden

olive oil
vindaloo curry paste (or any other paste you like)
cherry tomatoes*

Cut eggplant and cook in quite a lot of olive oil to soften. You might want to drain some of the oil off.  Add onion and cook and then add all other ingredients and a little water. Cook till eggplant soft and all flavours melded.


  1. I am a big fan of eggplant curry, I can even occasionally convince the kids that they're not eating eggplant with it.

    1. Very clever! Although eggplant does have a meatiness to it.



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