Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The end is nigh!

Today's pick
  • chillies (including 1 long cayene)
  • yellow-green chillies
  • eggplants
  • tomatoes - lots but nearly the last
  • fallen lemons
I think we might be at the end of the tomatoes for the year.  The plants look unhappy, the fruit on the broad yellow ripple currant tomatoes are much smaller than usual and same for the sugar lumps. I think they might get pulled out next weekend.

The only tomato variety that seem a little happier are the brown berries. They might stay in a little longer? Let's see next weekend.

My cucumbers seem to have been found by huge numbers of aphids -  more than I can control really.  Where did they come from in just a day or two? They might end that crop too!

a long cayene against some pretty big lemons
The eggplant are still powering on as are the chillies.

Oh well, it was a strange summer, but the water tank is full, the limes and lemons nice and juicy and I haven't had to get the hose out much so I guess that is all positive.

The mind drifts to brassicas and snow peas...and the hungry gap.

Tonight its homemade (and homegrown) basil pesto - its being made as I type -  that's the chink, bang, bang, bang, chink, bang  you can hear in the background... with some roasted sugar lump tomatoes on top. Mmm.


  1. I'm still awaiting my eggplant - yours look lovely.

  2. I refuse to admit the end of tomatoes. So much so that I've just sown my winter variety, Stupice. I'm putting quite a few in in the hope that they'll produce right through. I grew them last year http://500m2.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/winter-tomatoes-for-stupid-heads/ but left it a bit too late to sow, so I didn't get fruit until late October. If they get a head start now they I think I have a shot.

    1. I admire your determination, perhaps I should give it a go. Tt is possible afterall given that Sydney doesn't get a frost ( at least not where I live).



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