Thursday, 3 January 2013

Local Loves - fruit, fish and cider

Today I spent the cool  early hours of the day cooking up apricot jam. Yesterday I visited Golden Meadows Orchards just outside of Adelong to buy some locally grown fruit. Their sign declaring Figs and Apricots was too tempting and I decided to turn off the Snowy Mountains Hwy up their broad and well made dirt road to purchase. I came home with half a tray of fat black figs,

and just over two kilos of apricots. Here they are with stones removed ready to be made into jam.

After the stones came out there was 1.7 kgs of fruit and to that I added 600gm of raw sugar, the juice of a lemon and the rind of the lemon.With just a little water it cooked quickly up into a lovely orange jammyness. It made 6 jars and a little glass bowlful with will go on a batch of home-made scones.

All this local goodness got me thinking about the other local produce I have discovered and am really enjoying.

I am positively addicted to eating the local smoked trout. Just with a bit of  brown bread and a squeeze of lemon, with udon noodles, a few finely sliced veg and a spicy black bean and chilli sauce, or in a potato-type salad with poached eggs and chives it's all delicious and much cheaper here than in Sydney where I never bought it.

I have no real expertise in food and alcohol combos other than knowing what I like, but to me smoked trout goes pretty well with another local product - cider. (I may of course have a very weird palate!)

This is my favourite of The Apple Thief ciders, they have a Granny Smith and a Williams Pear one as well. It goes down a little too easily and is a delicious crisp drink for a hot afternoon (which we have had way too many of recently). It's from pretty Batlow - not too far from here and one of Australia's apple growing hubs

I am really enjoying exploring a new part of the country, it's food and people. I think I might share a post occasionally of the things I find locally that I love.

Anyone got a favourite way of eating smoked trout? What do you think cider goes with food-wise?

(Just a note to readers - I have not been paid  to profile these products. I just think they are delicious and thought you might find them so too.)


  1. Wow, figs! My fig tree is in its early days so I don't have any produce yet but I am so looking forward to them in future years. I find them difficult to buy locally (as they don't transport well) so I envy you, your local supplier.

    Apricots are another favourite of mine.

    Are you SURE that's trout and not carp?!? :)

    I lived down the road from a trout farm many years ago - and I would eat it however it came, so I'm no help there, sorry.

    I love the label and the name of that cider - 'The Apple Thief'! Again, can't help, there. It's not on my usual rotation of tipples.

    1. Seeing as figs do so well here I am planning to plant a few trees - do you have a recommendation for a variety?

    2. Sorry, no. I don't even know what variety mine is as it was a re-gift! Oh, to have the room to 'plant a few trees'! You must be very pleased with all the possibilities you have with tree planting.

      How about nuts? Would they do well in your area? I remember the fabulous taste of fresh almonds (I think you need two trees??).

    3. Oh there will be nuts! Almonds, pistachios,walnuts mostly which should all grow here. when we lived in melb we had the most beautiful almond. I loved it for its flowers and young fruit.

  2. Beautiful figs. Personally I think cider goes well with sausages, particularly pork sausages. I love smoked trout and use it a lot (although I haven't had it with cider but want to now....). Like you I use it in potato salads, but also in pasta & kedgeree. Smoked Trout pasta, with lemon rind, chilli, onion, garlic, pine nuts and a vegetable of your choice (favs include: broad beans, broccoli, and peas) dressed with lots of olive oil is good. Smoked Trout kedgeree (well sort of kedgeree) with turmeric & mustard seed rice, crispy fried shallots, hard boiled eggs, and mint raita is also a fav. Finally smoked trout quiche is lovely too.

    1. I love kedgeree! But I usually make it with smoked cod - but that habit could easily change and I love your suggestion for a smoked trout pasta dish. The lad makes an excellent quiche - I will suggest a smoked trout one to him. Thank you!

  3. Wow, I like the apricot jam, and the figs look beautiful. I am a cider drinker (and amateur maker - I even have two cider varieties now and can't wait until they crop and I can start experimenting). I'm with Liz on the cider/pork blend, but I also think its also nice with duck and other darker poultry like quail, and fish/seafood. But then again I'll drink cider with pretty much anything!

    1. Cider is pretty new for me and I am enjoying very much. I would love to make our own cider and will make sure that I plant some apples with that purpose in mind. You must blog on your cider making activity - hope it goes well. Did you see Foxs Lane's blog on their cider making recently?



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