Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zucchini Tuesday - The King is dead

The King is dead, long live the King! Yes, its true, Greenskin has been deposed or rather disposed of.

Growing up in the Metropolis, being transported for 4 hours on the back of a ute, being planted into a hastily made bed and suffering weeks of over 35c plus a day of fire threat has been too much for Greenskin. It failed to thrive, produced only 2 zucchini and over the last few days just looked limp no matter how much water was supplied. The time had come - off to the compost bin!

But as tradition should have it, when one King passes, another arises - Long Live King Greenskin 2. Please
give me more that 2 fruit!

Have you had a transition in leadership in your zucchini patch  Any revolutions? Any  zucchini sent to the compost bin?


  1. Poor ol Mr Greenskin he gave it all he had at least he will go on around the garden. I think I have a leadership battle between 3 pumpkin and 3 zucchini and I am not sure who will win at this stage

  2. I have 3 zucchini and they are starting to produce steadily, tho' wouldn't call it a glut. I have noticed white patches on the leaves recently and thought that was the variety (that's how much I know) but yesterday when picking a couple I noticed there's mouldy looking stuff over the base of the stems, so after a bit of googling have decided I have white dusty mould? Sme suggest a solution of seasol spray. Maybe the plants are a bit crowded? Now I fear for the cucumbers... Have you (or yours!) ever suffered with this and what is your favourite remedy?



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